Dear ladies…

1. If you still sneak in at his crib around midnight and then sneak out as early as possible just coz he doesn’t want anyone to see you, do you think that’s real love? (Why can’t he just introduce you if he promised the future with you?)
2. If you haven’t met nor talk over the phone with any of his family member after a year of dating, then know you’re just his “Chips Funga”. There’s a wife at home!
3. If you don’t know where he stay after 6months of dating, then wewe ni Malenge Mbichi. Probably he doesn’t stay at the motels, hotels, lodges he normally takes you to…
4. If he cruise around Nairobi with you, spoiling you and all, but at the end of the day he goes home, then you temporarily own nothing but his car passenger seat. You’re just his car decoration, just like those glass in your mom’s sitting room (vikombe za wageni).
5. If you’re a 30years+ and know he has a wife, but still date him secretively though, then you’re lost coz he’ll never leave his wife for you. You’re just his sperm dish, where he only remembers when he wants to release his family stresses (and for that, you think his marriage is falling apart, dream on sister)
6. Trapping him with a kid as well, will only lead you suffering with child grant, wise up and play safe. No family man is prepared to settle with a slut just because she fell pregnant(We all know after telling him, he sent you for an arbotion)
7. Loving a guy for material, just because you saw him spoiling your friend and pampering her with gifts, and you’re like, you also want to be in her position, you also want the cash he used to give her, etc. Then you’re nothing but a professional prostitute, being jealous of one another’s wealthy customers
8. If you know you own no car, then why say you don’t date pedestrians while you know nothing about a car’s monthly instalment. Buy your own then start talking that crap!
9. Every successful guy has a woman behind him, if he’s single then know he’s a womaniser and the previous girl just couldn’t take it anymore or the relationship fell apart just because he wasn’t giving her attention and because of that, she started cheating to satisfy her needs since he was failing to do so
10. Preventing just because he said he’s not ready for a kid, will only lead you with nothing but womb infection and other diseases, and maybe even destroy the chance of you having children.
11. A real lady wants a ring & wedding first, just because she’s insecure. If he made you believe that
he’s yours and only yours, then where is the ring?, coz all we’re seeing is babies one after another, and it’s obvious that the reason for not proposing marriage is not because he doesn’t afford it

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