Kamina and his naughty daughter

Kamina came in the bedroom to find his 13- year-old daughter smoking a cigarette. “My God! How long have you been smoking?” screams the father.
“Since I lost my virginity,” replies the girl.
“You lost your VIRGINITY!!! When the hell did this happen?” shrieks the father.
“I don’t remember,” says the girl. “I was completely drunk.”

How Kenyan girls bend over

It’s true that…..
When a village gal BENDS OVER,she must be
collecting firewood.
When a luo gal BENDS OVER,shes collectingstones
to throw.
When a kalenjin gal BENDS OVER,shes about to
compete in a race.
When a kisii gal BENDS OVER, shes trying to cheat
in exams using mwakenya on her slippers.
… When a coast gal BENDS OVER, shes simply
sweeping the floor.
When a church gal BENDS OVER, the lord is
pleased with her prayers.
When a nyeri gal BENDS
OVER b careful she myt b searching 4 a panga to
slash somebody
When a nairobi gal BENDS OVER, the whole club
goes CRAAAIZY…!!